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Send Bulk SMS or OTP SMS or Website Service SMS from your Android Device:

Send message directly from your website using API or send bulk sms from csv sheet. No header registration, content approval is required as SMS is sent from your android device using your SIM SMS Balance.

How It Works:

First: You have to create your account with our SMS Portal here, if already registered then check your email for login details.
Second: Download Android APK file given in the login details email or download here: https://websolink.co.in/websolink-sms.apk Install on your android device and once you open, it will ask for Remote Server URL put this url https://websolink.co.in save and go back to login page. Now login to the app using login details given on your email.
Once logged in please allow SMS permission and other neccessory permission for APP operation.

Now you are ready to send single/bulk sms or API for OTP/Website Service SMS from our portal
You can test your self by sending SMS. Login to portal https://websolink.co.in and from left menu goto SMS => Send Quick SMS, now here you have to put Mobile Number, Message, Device, Select SIM(if u have more then one sim), Data Type to Plain and Now click Send SMS.
Congratulations you have successfully tested.
In case any issue, please call us on 8686-99-6767.